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Nature Reserve

In the heart of a nature reserve, Praia do Canal Nature Retreat has sensitively integrated into its surroundings, allowing guests to become fully immersed in local culture with the utmost respect for the environment. Born from otherworldly destinations, our lifestyle brands follow the very same ethos caring for people and the planet.

With our minimalist architecture and design, we strive to connect to our surroundings as much as we can, breaking barriers between the inside and outside world. Exemplifying a spirit-lifting model of high-end, low-impact community-based tourism and the ideals of sustainable development.


Pride of Our Land

Discover our Terra gift shop with handcrafted products created by regional artists. Supporting the Arts and Sustainability.

We are a brand with purpose; we care about our guests, employees, suppliers, the environment and communities that surround us. Our ethos has always been to support the well-being of people, society, and our planet, Earth.